In as brief amount of time as I can, I must tell you bit about myself and what this blog is about. I’ll give you basic bullet points and be as concise as I can with possible blogs to fill you in later, if there is time and proper warrant for such activity.

I have 4 topics I absolutely love to talk about. They have a particular order, descending (4–1) order greatest to least. I actually found out today (5/6/16) my fourth. Here they are, in ascending (1–4) order:

1.  Cinema

I have this as a general category. I’m quite passionate about my categories and definitions (as should we all). It would behoove us, in western culture, to appreciate definitions; for without them nothing has any meaning at all. Words mean something, they are not abstract thoughts of subjective realities… sorry, rabbit trail, moving on. Under cinema, as a broad category, there are two underlying categories:

I.  Films

Three examples will suffice: ‘Inglorious Basterds’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, and ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

II. Movies

Three more examples: ‘Goonies’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, and ‘Star Wars’ – episode IV.

2. Pirates

This needs some explaining in much more detail, so the only extra commentary for now will be two items; 17th and 18th century pirates; as the prime example, they are the purest form of true human democratic government, and secondly they are the epitome of the depravity of mankind.

3. Rock climbing

Though this has subsided in recent years, it was a very large part of my life for the better part of a decade and I still enjoy it today. In the past I have done some sport climbing, some trad climbing, and even a bit of mild soloing, but by far I am a boulderer. I go to Yosemite and talk about the boulders.
I love being in Camp 4, for the boulders, and the Ahwanee?
Hotel, not a chance, it’s the boulders I’m after.

Though, I must say cycling is more my physical activity of choice these days if the means are there to be had.

4. Theology

Properly understood, this is simply studying God. Who He is (personal), what He has said (with authority), what He requires (Holiness), how He interacts with His creation (in diverse ways in prior times… Hebrews chapter 1). Everything under this banner is properly understood as Theology. In fact, as many theologians have said (and I believe rightly so), “everyone is a theologian’. This is most assuredly true, it really depends on whether we are good or bad theologians (I stole that from someone, I think it’s B. B. Warfield). In fact my three favorite subjects mentioned prior, are viewed through the particular worldview lens that the theology I hold to projects. We all see things through differing  worldviews. Some work well together and others do not. It shows consistency if they do. As my favorite Christian apologist says,

“Inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument.” – Dr. James White.

Very true.

That statement has so much sway in so many contexts. Well I have rambled on without really giving much meat to this, my favorite topic to ponder, discuss, and study… Perhaps another time(click the link for that other time) in a lengthy Thome.

So, that is what I leave you, the reader, with thinking through before you read anything I will ever write here. One final point to make before I go, I also have three favorite verses in the Christian scriptures; Genesis 2:18-25, Isaiah 63, and Philippians 3

May Christ be glorified in what I write, and may you be blessed in reading it.